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How to Motivate Your Clients to Pay For What You Are Selling

2 October, 2017

How to Motivate Your Clients to Pay For What You Are Selling

A top quality product or service is a great place to start. But that’s simply not enough to motivate your clients to pay for what you are selling and get them investing in what you’ve got.


Selling isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do. But hold up. Before you even get to the sales conversation you have to identify what it is that will motivate your clients to pay for what you’re selling.


A sales page, some pretty pictures and testimonials will only convert if you are on target. And only if you are targeting the root of your client’s problem.


Getting to the core of solving your client’s problem will motivate them to buy.

Let’s take a look at how to do that.


For most conscious entrepreneurs their work is inspired by the desire to help others and offer some kind of transformation. It comes with the promise of results around self-esteem, life balance, confidence, empowerment and ‘what’s holding you back.’


These are all really worthwhile important things. And certainly, we don’t take the word transformation lightly.


But they are missing the mark.


When your client is looking to work with you they are not googling ‘deep transformation.’ The are googling how to get a specific problem solved. They are struggling and/or in pain and want you to help them get out of that pain.

A clients pain points typically fall into one of the following four categories.







Drilling deeper into these areas you can find some of the real reasons why people will buy from you.

Here are some of the common Motivators that drive people to buy what you are selling.


To save money

To make money

To save time

To use less effort

To lose weight

To get fitter

To become more organised

To escape physical pain

To increase their profile


When you focus on these Motivators, getting your clients to work with you becomes much easier.


Your benefits and results then fall into these categories. And your clients will get how you can solve their pain point.

So before you create your next marketing message, ensure you are connecting to your client’s specific problem. The real problem. This will set you apart and your client will thank you for it.





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BeYOUtiful Empowering Workshop for Teen Girls

20 June, 2017


If you’re looking for an empowering event for teen girls that inspires and motivates then we’ve got you sorted.
BeYOUtiful is the ultimate workshop for girls 12-16 years. It’s happening these school holidays and you don’t want to miss it.

Facilitated by our panel of experts, we’ve got you covered in the areas of:
  • Health and Wellness – body confidence from the inside out with former International Model and Beauty Expert Amy Erbacher.
  • Personal Branding Coaching – align with your most authentic self, both online and offline with (yours truly), Marketer and Life Coach, Helen Roe.
  • Motivation and Mindset – building inner strength and confidence with Youth Advocate and Director of Dance Central Studios, Julie Scheer.
The BeYOUtiful workshop delivers down to earth, practical advice on self-worth, self-awareness and self-confidence for all teen girls. 
Friday 14 July 
9.00am – 12.30pm
Dance Central Studios, Phillip, Canberra.
Whether your passion is performing arts of physics, you will come away feeling a renewed sense of confidence, inspired and ready to accept all of YOU.
Get your tickets here. We cannot wait to meet you!
Know someone who might like this event? Please share and let’s create a ripple effect of support and encouragement for teen girls.
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