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7 Productivity Hacks to Kickstart Your 2017 Business on a High Note

9 November, 2016


I was avoiding setting time aside to map out my priorities for the year ahead. It just seemed to get bumped down the list and well, I was having a procrastinating moment or two! Staying in firefighting mode, tending to the most urgent matter seemed like a good survival strategy. Except is wasn’t. Productivity plummeted.

I soon realised it was stressful and the most unproductive use of my time. So, with some bigger picture work, I changed that.

Do you want to ramp up your levels of productivity and accomplishment and accelerate this year? Stretch to make those goals a reality? Then listen up.

Before you get lost in this years plans and visioning, pause. Let’s propel you towards productivity and completion of your 2017 goals. Now wouldn’t that feel good.


Here’s 7 steps to help you become incredibly productive and get the most out of your year.


1. Take a Step Back

A brief step back. We are taking a birds-eye view of your business, your life, to remind you of how far you’ve come. Celebration and recognition are great techniques to boost your energy levels and recharge your batteries.

Where were you this time last year and where are you now? Even if that’s not where you want to be it’s a sure sight better than where you started from, right?


2. Pick One Thing

As the new year gets underway, the scattergun approach tends to creep in (ahem, see my firefighting note above). You know, keeping busy and making a little bit more progress on every single item on your list. But not actually finishing anything. Take said list and put a line through all the things that cannot realistically happen in the next few weeks.

Pick one priority (it can have smaller supporting goals), for both your personal life and business and make those your absolute focus for the next 90 days.


3. Let it Go

Now that you’ve identified your priorities, take everything else off your list. Let that stuff go. It’s for another time, another life or maybe never. It’s not cheating and it doesn’t mean you have underperformed. You have simply adjusted the goalposts, which were a little too wide in the first place.

See? Already you are making progress. You have shifted focus to what you can do, not what you can’t.


4. Turn up the Heat

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.”

According to the wise Thomas Edison, we really are capable of way more than we give ourselves credit for. Dial up your focus and attention to what really matters. Outcomes.

We all have that reserve and can find a new lease of life when we need to. It’s starts with your mind, believing it’s possible.


5. Get Accountable

It is so much easier to break a promise to ourselves than it is to someone else, don’t you think? But no one climbs to the top of the mountain alone. If you don’t have one already, get yourself an accountability partner. Someone you share your commitment and your goals with. Someone who will follow up with you and keep you on track.

Whether it’s a coach, a mentor, a mastermind buddy or your mum, assign yourself an accountability partner.


6. Go All In

Now that you have focus on one or two key deliverables, what are you going to do to make that happen? It’s time to put your commitment to the test. List out the actions that will make these priorities happen and get started!

“If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.”

John Assaraf reminds us that results don’t happen by accident.


7. Make Quick Wins

In the meantime, you need momentum to kickstart your year. You’ll get that in spades with some quick wins. They can be as simple as having that conversation you’ve procrastinated on for days to signing off on a project that you’ve been sitting on because it ‘wasn’t ready.’

What quick wins can you make? Think low hanging fruit opportunities that can be implemented straight away. Success breeds success, so start small and build from there.


And there you have it. Are you ready to play full out and embrace 2017 fully? Take a moment to see how you can apply these steps today. Commit to some key priorities and by mid-year, you will be celebrating one of your best years yet!


Needing a kickstart? It’s time for Your Ultimate Party Planning Session so you can hit the ground running, bring this year to a profitable close and plan your 2017 in one hit! Read more here.



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Are You Offering Clients What They Really Really Want? Why Her Offers Sell and Yours Don’t.

21 September, 2016



Let’s be honest, we’ve all stalked or fangirled an online success story or personality at some point. We just can’t help it. We are wired to look to what others are doing to help us assess our own situation. All in the disguise of umm ‘research.’ How on earth does she do it? How do her programs and offers sell and yours don’t?  And if your research hasn’t triggered website shame, social media scarring, plummeting self-confidence and self-worth then you most likely have come to the conclusion she is smarter and just way cooler than you, doing ‘her thing.’


That thing she does, that she’s known for, the way she does it? That’s what makes her a success story. It’s all packaged into a signature offer and it’s what her clients flock to her for. If you’ve ever wondered why her offer(s) – she may have more than one, sells like hot cakes and yours doesn’t? Read on, she’s taking these three essential steps.


  1. She starts with one program/offer/package and builds this baby from the ground up.


I’ve been victim to the idea overwhelm, as I’m sure you can relate. The next big thing, you’ve visualized it and you are ready to put into action. You add it to the list and get started and before you know it you are juggling too many balls (aka programs and offers) and when a prospect asks ‘How can I work with you? you take out a Michelin starred five-page menu!

Your potential client leaves undecided and confused, saying they ‘have to think about it.’

Those ideas, record them in your journal or business plan for later. You don’t have to abandon them but you do have to focus on the present and make one thing work first, before you move on to the next.


  1. Her clients understand exactly what it is she does and the outcome she delivers.


Simple is good. Simple works. Sometimes we overcomplicate things and lose ourselves in strategy and processes. This starts with implementing one flagship program or product really well and growing from there.

For me it’s my 90 Day private coaching. I still enjoy the deep dive one on one coaching and earlier this year whilst writing my book GirlTribes, it allowed me be more flexible with my work, without having to reinvent the wheel.

Launching a new offer is tempting but a program refresh can help calm that creative mind and work just as well. Plus you continue to build your reputation and referrals from your solid original work.


  1. She inspires her clients to want to get a specific problem solved.


Nothing new here and no doubt you’ve got your clients pain point down pat. BUT wait, there’s more. The problem starts when you want to solve more than just their pain point because well, you are a smart heart centered professional and have lots to give, right?

For example, some of what’s trending right now includes; helping clients feel empowered, finding confidence, figuring out ‘what’s holding you back’, removing blocks and that elusive ever popular life balance.

These are all great and genuine reasons to help someone. But these are not what motivates your prospective client. They don’t wake up at 2am wondering when they lost their life balance or where their confidence has gone.

When you focus on your clients ‘Motivators,’

getting your clients to work with you becomes much easier.

What are their motivators? Typically they fall into one of four categories: health, wealth, time and relationships. So your client might want to escape physical pain, make more money, save time, or find the love of their life.

These are examples of actual motivators that engage peoples attention and move them to take action. Even though desiring to be confident or achieve a more balanced lifestyle might be part of that, it’s not the first thing your prospect will think of.

A set of clear benefits and outcomes is what will inspire and motivate clients to work with you.


Of course these are not the only reasons why her programs sell. Learn more about how to profit from your passion. Need help with yours? Design Your Signature System is here to help.



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