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10 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned, In Business & Life So Far

29 March, 2017


I always thought it would be my success stories that propelled me forward. The achievements and the wins, although great, have never been where my life lessons have come from. Have you given it much thought? We tend to skirt past less joyous occasions (what epic fail?) and focus on the positives, naturally. My lessons learned have been largely from my mistakes.

Here are 10 valuable lessons I’ve learned in business and life so far.


Know What You Want

There is an insider secret here. Ready? Ok here it is. You get to change your mind! But for now, make a choice. Be really clear on what that is. Then reevaluate as you grow.

My business coaching incorporates strategies that support clients at times to pivot and redirect their focus. It’s proactive and it leads to positive outcomes.


Ask For It

If you’re in business online you’ll know all about a Call To Action. If you want a prospect or a visitor to do something, you have to ask them, with prompts and invites. Simple right?

Why then do we take so long to do this with people, face to face? People can’t read our minds. If you don’t ask, you won’t get.


Buy A Journal

Perhaps you’re already journaling or downloading your excess monkey brain baggage. That excess chitter chatter. This journal isn’t for that. It’s for writing all your next shiny new ideas in!

Too many ideas distract you from what you need to do. Focus. Refer to the first point. Any surplus goes in your journal under ‘future ideas.’


Move Over, Ideas Junkie

I love idea creation. It’s exhilarating! It’s also behind the scenes, safe and not yet in the real world. No one can judge or criticize as you nurture your business baby.

You know you’ve been here too long when you mutter procrastinating phrases like ‘once I’ve finished [insert excuse]’ or ‘not quite there yet’. Enough. The time is now.


Little And Often

The art of action. Massive action used to be my middle name. Boom. Now? My heart races and it brings on sharp reminders of burnout (you too?).

All this masculine push is not sustainable in the ebb and flow of a woman’s multidimensional life. Small steps lead to big changes. The key is consistency and taking the steps, often.


Radical Forgiveness 

I say radical because it takes courage and commitment to forgive yourself. I’m not talking about forgiving yourself for having that second brownie at dinner.

It’s more like yesterday’s presentation, blog post or pitch that didn’t land well. You were disappointed in yourself. Forgive in order to move on. Make space for new creations tomorrow and an opportunity to put your best foot forward again.


You Are Enough

The social media snaps of lipstick smeared on bathroom mirrors with the words ‘I am enough’ has thankfully spread this message to the masses. But do we really believe it?

When we realise we have nothing to hide, nothing to protect, nothing to prove and nothing to defend, oh the relief. Just be. Your brilliance shines and you will become who you are meant to be.


Success Leaves Clues

Who has time to play inspector Morse? Just tell me what to do! Yes, I used to feel that too. I stayed open to what the universe had in store, locked on my vision, with blinkers.

That extra income, that new relationship, that job opportunity, it may arrive in a completely different package than what you were expecting. Stay open to inspiration in unexpected forms.


Forget the Applause

What are you waiting for? Someone to validate your vision? That’s not going to happen because it’s your vision. That’s why you have it and they don’t. You will find the right support along the way. (If you need support, I’m here.)

Some friendships will come to a natural end and other new exciting ones will grow. Just don’t expect applause in the beginning. That’s coming later for you.


Manage Your Mean Voice

Yes that voice in your head that you thought you couldn’t answer back to. For years I actually thought I’d end up carted off by men in white coats if I even thought about addressing the voice inside my head.

Your ego. The one that says you can’t. You suck. You really shouldn’t. It usually gets louder the more impact you start to make. Awareness is key, so keep her in the back seat. You are driving the car.


So there’s my ten valuable lessons in business and life, so far. Did you relate to any in particular? I hope they serve you on your path to greatness.

Ready to avoid any further pitfalls and propel your greatness? Let’s talk.


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7 Productivity Hacks to Kickstart Your 2017 Business on a High Note

9 November, 2016


I was avoiding setting time aside to map out my priorities for the year ahead. It just seemed to get bumped down the list and well, I was having a procrastinating moment or two! Staying in firefighting mode, tending to the most urgent matter seemed like a good survival strategy. Except is wasn’t. Productivity plummeted.

I soon realised it was stressful and the most unproductive use of my time. So, with some bigger picture work, I changed that.

Do you want to ramp up your levels of productivity and accomplishment and accelerate this year? Stretch to make those goals a reality? Then listen up.

Before you get lost in this years plans and visioning, pause. Let’s propel you towards productivity and completion of your 2017 goals. Now wouldn’t that feel good.


Here’s 7 steps to help you become incredibly productive and get the most out of your year.


1. Take a Step Back

A brief step back. We are taking a birds-eye view of your business, your life, to remind you of how far you’ve come. Celebration and recognition are great techniques to boost your energy levels and recharge your batteries.

Where were you this time last year and where are you now? Even if that’s not where you want to be it’s a sure sight better than where you started from, right?


2. Pick One Thing

As the new year gets underway, the scattergun approach tends to creep in (ahem, see my firefighting note above). You know, keeping busy and making a little bit more progress on every single item on your list. But not actually finishing anything. Take said list and put a line through all the things that cannot realistically happen in the next few weeks.

Pick one priority (it can have smaller supporting goals), for both your personal life and business and make those your absolute focus for the next 90 days.


3. Let it Go

Now that you’ve identified your priorities, take everything else off your list. Let that stuff go. It’s for another time, another life or maybe never. It’s not cheating and it doesn’t mean you have underperformed. You have simply adjusted the goalposts, which were a little too wide in the first place.

See? Already you are making progress. You have shifted focus to what you can do, not what you can’t.


4. Turn up the Heat

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.”

According to the wise Thomas Edison, we really are capable of way more than we give ourselves credit for. Dial up your focus and attention to what really matters. Outcomes.

We all have that reserve and can find a new lease of life when we need to. It’s starts with your mind, believing it’s possible.


5. Get Accountable

It is so much easier to break a promise to ourselves than it is to someone else, don’t you think? But no one climbs to the top of the mountain alone. If you don’t have one already, get yourself an accountability partner. Someone you share your commitment and your goals with. Someone who will follow up with you and keep you on track.

Whether it’s a coach, a mentor, a mastermind buddy or your mum, assign yourself an accountability partner.


6. Go All In

Now that you have focus on one or two key deliverables, what are you going to do to make that happen? It’s time to put your commitment to the test. List out the actions that will make these priorities happen and get started!

“If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.”

John Assaraf reminds us that results don’t happen by accident.


7. Make Quick Wins

In the meantime, you need momentum to kickstart your year. You’ll get that in spades with some quick wins. They can be as simple as having that conversation you’ve procrastinated on for days to signing off on a project that you’ve been sitting on because it ‘wasn’t ready.’

What quick wins can you make? Think low hanging fruit opportunities that can be implemented straight away. Success breeds success, so start small and build from there.


And there you have it. Are you ready to play full out and embrace 2017 fully? Take a moment to see how you can apply these steps today. Commit to some key priorities and by mid-year, you will be celebrating one of your best years yet!


Needing a kickstart? It’s time for Your Ultimate Party Planning Session so you can hit the ground running, bring this year to a profitable close and plan your 2017 in one hit! Read more here.



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